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Pure Financial Advisors Inc. founder Michael Fenison opened the doors for business in 2007 with no clients, negative revenue, and zero assets under management. In just seven years, Pure Financial has achieved and surpassed $1 billion in client assets, currently helping over 1000 clients plan for their future. Their unique business model uses salaried planners to deliver non conflict full financial planning to the masses. Upon partnering with Discrete Units, Pure Financial Advisors Inc. set out to reimagine their digital presence, targeting new and younger demographics, promoting financial well being through education, and cementing themselves as a leader in the industry.

Bringing a fresh perspective to financial planning.

For many of us, tax planning, financial education, and portfolio management are more likely to be left uncovered then pursued. Our challenge was to find a way to present this information in a way that would evoke excitement, mystery, and importance. We began by creating UX personas representative of the different groups of people that Pure Financial would be targeting. These persona findings led us down different pathways that specific users would want to take once landing on the homepage. For instance, a young businesswoman would be more interested in investment and portfolio building then an older businessman who would be more interested in asset management and retirement earnings. From our persona findings we were able to create a new information architecture; condensing and organizing content based on value and UX goals.

Once launched, Pure Financial Advisors Inc. experienced an increase in site leads by over 300%, a decrease in bounce rate by over 30%, and saw large scale increases conversions and subsequent revenue.

“A business model that would minimize conflicts, one that would create a positive change for the financial industry.”

Michael Fenison

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