Tasting Room Del Mar

Vines, Hops, Harvest.

Shattering perceptions of a full service restaurant.

Father and Son team David and Evan Taylor reached out to Discrete Units to create a brand image atop the foundation of their passion for craft beer, artisanal wine, and harvest food. Evan Taylor’s commitment to sustainability combined with an excitement for technology lead the quest to create a paperless restaurant. Discrete Units was put to the task of creating native Android & iOS mobile apps that would allow users to browse through the menu, order from their table, and checkout via Stripe. This innovative vision is pushing the boundaries of the traditional restaurant service model as well as the traditional resturant POS (Point of Sale) system.

An infusion of titans.

In order to bring to life the David and Evan Taylor’s vision, we set out to combine the energy of craft beer culture with the intimate nature of artisan wine. The result embodies the confidence of the father-son duo, and showcases a powerful yet minimalistic representation of the team's vision through an energetic badge and a clean logotype.

Browse, order, and checkout from your device, while having a chat with one of our drink specialists.

The mobile app we created for Tasting Room Del Mar will allow its guests to efficiently browse through their expansive menu of craft beers and wines, place orders to be delivered to their table, and checkout via the app or in-house with a server. This technological dynamic will create a never before seen experience for Tasting Rooms guests, allowing them to use technology to craft a custom dining experience.

“Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world.”

Kaiser Wilhelm

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